Made in Denmark

We will soon be announcing our new brand: Wellington Natural Care. Skin care made in Denmark.

Eco friendly packaging

Our Company Wellington Natural care, we choose to use recycled packaging for all of our products. We produce our natural and organic beauty products, to be healthy and green in everyday life. We always create our products in the most sustainable and ethical way possible. When it comes to plastic, we opt for 75% to 100% recycled PET plastic, which (unlike PVC) is fully recyclable and if it is put into landfill, it doesn't leach any chemicals into the soil. Every piece of card and paper we use (from packaging to marketing materials) is FSC (Forest Sustainability Certified) to help limit deforestation and ensure forests are sustainably managed. We only work with other Brands, that takes responsibility for at better planet while producing Natural & Organic skin care.

Allergy skin friendly

We choose to use natural and Organic ingrediens. We buy our ingredients close to home as possible, and from Fair Trade and sustainable sources. We want you to be Kind to your skin and In Balanced using products from our collection thats free from harmfull ingredients.

Natural ingredients

What means natural and is it safe - Who doesn’t want their skincare, and their skin, to be clean and free of toxins and impurities that might irritate it? WE DO. We also want to give you knowledge about the Ingrediens we use, what they are , what they do and where they come from. We make sure our products does not contain perfume and we avoid all chemicals named on the Eu’s 26 allergenic fragrances List. We believe you should do the same - Together with us.

Our mission

We have a passion for our new brand and store concept natural and organic cosmetics, which take care of our skin and our planet. We want to be among clean beauty cosmetics, so you can feel safe and choose the perfect products for your skin type.

From the very beginning, when we startet this project, we strongly believe – that we must take actions for a cleaner world. We therefore decided to only use packaging, that is recyclable and all sustainable. We follow the industry very closely, so when ever, there is a new and better packaging on the market, we will adapt it to our company and to our customers, in a way that matches our needs.

Our vision

The main goal is to merge the idea of natural, organic skin care products with high pharmaceutical standards only using natures own pure ingrediens.

Our Clean skin care is pure and simple made for our customers who also believe in skincare made safe and to be gentle to your skin.

We only use ingrediens that has a true function for your skin and for the products combined. Nothing else or any harsh chemicals has been added.

Our motto is

Less is Better